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The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques
Martin F. Krafft Open Source Press / No Starch Press ISBN 3-937514-07-4 / 1-593270-69-0
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Even though countless hours have gone into checking all the facts and proof-reading the final version before the printing of the book, the stereotypical last bugs always remain undiscovered. In the following is a list of such errata. The list is sorted by chapter and page number. Click on the short description to see the details.

If you find an error in the book not listed here, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Please note that I only list errors that affect the contents. Simple spelling errors or the like are not worth entries in this database. I still appreciate if you told me about them. However, please do not hold it against me if I do not reply to thank you.

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Chapter 1. Introduction

p. 24 Changes are not expected in the stable release 2005-07-21

Chapter 2. The Debian Project

p. 32 Confusing year: rex was released in December 1996 2005-07-12
p. 33 QPL situation not correctly described 2005-12-13
p. 33 Elections had been completed by the time of release 2005-06-24
p. 40 Qmail is not Open Source 2005-12-13
p. 40 Free software is not a subset of Open Source 2005-12-13
p. 49 Malformed reference to mailing list chapter 2005-08-01
p. 52 The #debian IRC channel is a users' forum, not a developer forum 2005-06-25
p. 59 Wrong URL to package tracking system 2005-08-03

Chapter 3. Installing Debian the right way

p. 71 PPP is point-to-point, not peer-to-peer 2005-11-26
p. 101 .Xsession tried if .xsession does not exist 2005-07-25

Chapter 4. Debian releases and archives

p. 105 Missing labels in archive structure graph 2005-11-17
p. 105 Missing folder level in figure 2006-02-16
p. 107 Source package index is named Sources, not Packages 2005-12-05
p. 110 Should be overlooks, not oversees 2005-07-18

Chapter 5. The Debian package management system

p. 133 Wrong source directory for copy operation 2005-11-17
p. 141 Dpkg does report an error when asked to configure a configured package 2005-11-17
p. 147 Improper redirection of dpkg output 2005-11-26
p. 148 Missing argument to cut command 2006-06-25
p. 148 dpkg-query command line should specify postfix, not mc 2005-09-02
p. 149 Should be dpkg --status, not --show 2005-12-03
p. 152 Name of status is config-files 2005-09-24
p. 152 Removed state is called deinstall, not remove 2006-06-25
p. 157 dpkg does not automatically complete installation after dependencies are met 2005-09-02
p. 164 Wrong APT source line for non-US archive 2006-01-26
p. 166 Components select non-free software, not non-US 2006-01-26
p. 167 Wrong argument to apt-cdrom 2006-07-30
p. 169 Default-Release setting in wrong namespace 2006-07-30
p. 210 Unclear wording on Pre-Depends relation 2006-01-30
p. 218 Sarge also does not support tilde in versions 2005-06-21
p. 218 Bad versioning scheme for pre-release versions 2006-02-01
p. 229 Source machine name should be 'remote' 2005-11-17
p. 233 Definition of source package type flipped 2005-08-02
p. 237 Long option for dch -v is --newversion 2005-09-30
p. 248 Deborphan may need to be run iteratively 2006-07-30
p. 250 Wrong port and confusing assumption 2006-01-09
p. 251 Wrong regular expressions in refresh_pattern 2005-10-06
p. 266 Wrong hostname for the Debian snapshot server 2006-01-10

Chapter 6. Debian system administration

p. 278 Code snippet involuntarily repeated 2005-12-03
p. 281 Command should be adduser, not aduser 2005-07-25
p. 299 Faulty way of spawning sshd in single-user mode 2006-10-22
p. 306 Incomplete paragraph about sysklogd daily cron file 2005-07-27
p. 307 Wrong section numbering 2005-06-21
p. 332 Mappings are applied iteratively 2005-07-26
p. 335 Missing braces in udev configuration 2005-07-26

Chapter 7. Security of the Debian system

p. 373 Anthony signed the key, not James 2005-08-03

Chapter 8. Advanced concepts

p. 403 Option should be --upgradeable, not --upgraded 2005-12-03
p. 408 MIRROR variable incomplete 2006-07-30
p. 413 grub-update should be update-grub 2006-01-26
p. 417 Wrong mount options for /dev/hda2 2005-12-09
p. 427 Wrong chapter reference 2005-12-09

Chapter 9. Creating Debian packages

p. 469 Incomplete sentence about use of dh_clean during installation 2005-08-08
p. 471 Command is dh_install, not dg_install 2005-12-05
p. 479 Should be *-clean, not *-free 2005-07-18
p. 490 Two small errors in preinst file 2006-01-30

Chapter 10. Documentation and resources

p. 519 dwarfs-debian-guide package out of date and removed 2005-06-21
p. 519 Missing tilde in survey URL 2005-06-21
p. 540 Standard mode allows to choose from a set of tags 2006-01-31

Chapter A. Debian flavours and other Debian-based operating systems

p. 564 Gnoppix is based on Ubuntu, not vice versa 2005-06-24

Chapter C. Miscellaneous

p. 577 Partition types are mixed up 2005-11-10

Jon T. Stokkeland: I believe this book is the perfect book for anyone switching from another GNU w/Linux distro to Debian GNU w/Linux.


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